An uncontested divorce is a divorce where both parties agree on the outcome of the divorce and each party agrees with the reasons for the divorce and also the terms of the divorce. One of the most common types of uncontested divorces is one where there are no children and no property involved. In fact, these are usually the easiest of divorces to file.

Before the paperwork can be filed in an uncontested divorce case, both parties must agree to the terms in writing and also be in 100 percent agreement. The majority of uncontested divorces have the same things in common:

  • No children
  • No joint bank accounts
  • No real estate or properties
  • No assets
  • No desire for alimony or spousal support

IF the parties do have any of the following conditions, an uncontested divorce can still be filed if the parties have discussed the issues and come to a solution that works for both of them. For example, if there is a joint bank account involved, an uncontested divorce can be filed if the parties decide to split the account 50/50 and both agree to it.

Your Uncontested Divorce Handled by Our Team in NY

Whether you want to file an uncontested divorce in Staten Island or Queens, our uncontested divorce attorney can help you. It is recommended that you have an uncontested divorce attorney handle your NY divorce to ensure that the paperwork is filled out correctly. If for some reason the paperwork is not done properly, your divorce may be rejected by the courts.

In addition, an attorney is able to guide you and make sure that all agreements you and your spouse have come to are equal and fair. When you come into Uncontested Divorce Lawyer NYC, we will draft your uncontested divorce for you and submit it to the proper courts.

Uncontested divorces are quicker than contested divorces and do not tend to take as long, which means you should have an answer rather quickly. If you would like to speak with our Staten Island uncontested divorce lawyer, call our office now for a consultation 718-769-6352.

Your No Children, No Property Uncontested Divorce in NYC Can Be Filed Today

If you are prepared to file your uncontested divorce paperwork, contact our Queens office for help. Our uncontested divorce lawyer is prepared to draft the paperwork and look over the agreement to ensure it will be accepted by the courts.

One of the biggest worries and concerns we hear from our clients is if they can change an uncontested divorce to a contested divorce. The answer is yes. If for some reason, you no longer agree to any part of the agreement you made, you can file for a contested divorce.

Your rights are important to us and we want to protect them and help you through the divorce process. Contact Uncontested Divorce Lawyer NYC today to schedule your consultation with us 718-769-6352.