An uncontested divorce in NYC may be the right choice for you if you and your partner agree on the divorce and all of the terms within it. The key difference between an uncontested and contested divorce is whether or not there is a disagreement about any part of the divorce.

As long as you and your spouse agree about the divorce and all of the terms of the divorce, an uncontested divorce can be filed. One thing to keep in mind is that an oral agreement is not enough of an agreement for New York to recognize and you must have a signed agreement in place that is submitted with the divorce paperwork.

Our Queens uncontested divorce lawyer is experienced in all types of divorces and can help you draft and file the correct paperwork. The one good thing about an uncontested divorce is that it is a much quicker process than a contested divorce and your uncontested divorce lawyer can file ALL of the paperwork for you so that you never have to step foot in the courtroom.

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Property Distribution Should Be Done Equally and Fairly

One of the hardest parts about a divorce is dividing up the property and making sure that the decisions to do so are fair and equal at the same time. For an uncontested divorce to be filed, you and your spouse must be able to divide up your property and assets without any disagreements.

One of the good things about an uncontested divorce is that you and your spouse can choose HOW the assets and property are divided as opposed to the courts telling you how to divide them.

When you work with our Queens and Staten Island uncontested divorce attorney, you will receive the guidance needed to make sure that the property division is done fairly to prevent any disagreements down the line.

File Your Uncontested Divorce with Property and No Children in NYC Today

If you are ready to file your uncontested divorce, contact Uncontested Divorce Lawyer NYC today. Even though the process of an uncontested divorce is simple and quick, there are specific forms that need to be filled out and then filed with the New York court system. Our experienced and skilled uncontested divorce lawyer can do that for you while protecting your rights and your spouse’s rights at the same time.

You will notice that the divorce starts to move quickly once the initial papers have been filed in court. Remember, since this is an uncontested divorce, you nor your spouse will need to appear in court.

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