When you think about marriage, you do not instantly think about that marriage ending in a divorce, right? Most people do not and it is not common to think of a relationship like this. You get married because you fall in love and WANT to spend your lives together. It is a misconception that a prenuptial agreement is a predetermination that the marriage will end in a divorce. It is not. In fact, unexpected circumstance comes up and sometimes people decide later on down the road that they changed their mind. Things like this happen, but that does not mean you planned for it to or wanted it to.

A prenuptial and post-nuptial agreement can help to protect your current and future assets from any divorce proceedings, should the marriage come to an end. When you work with our Queens and Staten Island uncontested divorce attorney, you will receive the attention your case deserves and we will create a fair prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement that protects you.

We will work closely with you to ensure all of your assets are protected and that there are no issues down the road if a divorce does happen. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, contact Uncontested Divorce Lawyer NYC today.

NYC Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that is created and signed PRIOR to the marriage. No one can be forced to sign a prenuptial agreement, so it is important that you and your soon to be spouse are on the same page and understand one another. Many people in NYC do consider prenuptial agreements, so you are not the only one. In fact, you would be surprised at how many people do use them.

Some of the reasons why you may choose to have a prenuptial agreement signed include:

  • You have children as a result of a previous marriage
  • You are getting remarried to someone else
  • You have a lot of wealth that needs to be protected
  • You are marrying someone who does not bring anything to the marriage
  • There will be people entering the family that do not have any wealth or assets

As long as your prenuptial agreement is signed and filed before your marriage date, your assets and wealth will be protected and your spouse nor their family will have any claims to it.

NYC Post-Nuptial Agreements

A post-nuptial agreement is a bit different than a prenuptial agreement in that it is signed during your marriage. This option is often chosen when you have a significant change in your assets or wealth and want to protect them. A postnuptial agreement is also a good idea when you think you may want to file for divorce.

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