If you are ready to file an uncontested divorce with children and property, our uncontested divorce lawyer can assist you. At Uncontested Divorce Lawyer NYC, we work with you to make sure that you are in complete agreement with the divorce before it is filed with the New York court system.

An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree to the terms of why the marriage is ending and how the assets, property, and custody will be handled. If there is any part of the divorce that the parties do not agree with, then the divorce becomes contested.

Uncontested divorces are some of the most commonly filed divorces because they are quick, easy, and your attorney can file all of the paperwork for you and you never even have to go to court. Most uncontested divorces do not involve children, property, alimony, or assets, but they can.

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Children Should Always Be Considered in a Staten Island Divorce

One of the most important things to think about in a divorce case is your children. You should always put their best interests FIRST. Sometimes, both parties cannot come to an agreement on what the best interests are for the child and this leads to a contested divorce.

If you and your spouse ARE able to come to an agreement about what is best for your child or children, then an uncontested divorce can still be filed. It is important though that both parties are in complete agreement.

Property Division and an Uncontested Divorce in NYC

For an uncontested divorce to be filed in Queens, both parties must agree on the distribution of the property and assets involved in the divorce. For example, if you and your spouse own two homes and a joint bank account, you need to both come to an agreement that is agreed upon, no matter what it is.

Property division in an uncontested divorce is handled solely by the two parties. If there is a disagreement about the property distribution, then a contested divorce will need to be filed with the New York courts.

One of the good things about an uncontested divorce in NYC is that YOU and YOUR partner can determine the best way to split up the assets, as opposed to the courts telling you how to. The key here is that you must be in agreement with the outcome.

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